Work with HOW

Work with HOW

I am a manager

As a manager, you use HOW in everyday life to lead your team and to develop and retain your team members.

You can use HOW to:

  • Prepare important conversations
  • Motivate and engage employees
  • Facilitate communication
  • Develop employee skills
  • Manage meetings creating space for everyone to be heard, and ensure the meeting has a good momentum
  • Increase self-awareness, strengthened leadership, and better results.

I am an employee

As an employee, you use HOW for your personal development and retention of your knowledge of type theory.

It is not enough to understand type theory – but also to remember and proactively use type theory in everyday life. HOW is an invaluable support.

Some of the advantages of HOW are:

  • Increased self-understanding and easier management of preferences
  • Practise and skill building
  • Knowledge of how to “read” others, thereby gaining better relations
  • Greater focus on strengths and development areas in problem-solving
  • Learn to “talk to” others’ preferences and get your messages across better.

I am an HR partner

As an HR partner in a company or an organisation, HOW is the tool you use every day when working with the typical challenges of managers.

You can strengthen the managers when helping them with:

  • Leadership development
  • Performance appraisals
  • Team development
  • Change processes
  • Assembling teams

As an HR partner and certified in MBTI or JTI, you can also use HOW when you facilitate type theory workshops in the company/the organisation.

I am a consultant

As a consultant, you may be using the MBTI or JTI as a tool for facilitating type theory workshops and individual coaching.

You can benefit from supplementing with HOW, which is a practical and direct way to translate the participants’ new knowledge about type theory to everyday situations.

HOW further contributes to:

  • Substance for the broad field of application that otherwise may be difficult to convey
  • Support for customers’ individual learning afterwards
  • Provides customers with a practical tool that ensures implementation of type theory in their everyday lives.

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